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Missionary Journal – July 10, 1989

Day 41 of my full-time mission
Area: Afton, Wyoming

I got a little extra sleep today and it felt good. We cleaned and went to the grocery store and all that stuff that you do on preparation day. We also played walleyball. That was real fun!

We had dinner with the Sutters again because the Hogans had to cancel and she volunteered. That was nice. They’re super people.

Tonight, we got with Bishop Bagley and went to the Kensington’s and presented a video. Just an inspiring thing. He had some neat cannons that his son made out of steel and wood and stuff. They looked like the real thing, only miniature. It made a huge boom. It was neat.

Elder Gatlin was biking really fast tonight and was bout three blocks in front of me so I just slowed down, and then we got to the Bagley’s I told him there was no need for that and next time I’d bike slower. You see, we were late because he wanted to stay at the Sutter’s to watch TV. So I was a little upset with him. But at least I’m getting so I’ll tell people when I’m upset instead of holding it inside. I don’t want to be tromped on anymore. I’m going to be open. (This doesn’t all refer to Elder Gatlin. I just have noticed that it’s better to be open with your feelings in life.) But maybe I was a little too harsh, so I’ll apologize.


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