Fortunate to be a father

This father’s day I’m writing to say thanks to the fathers in my life, especially my dad and Vickey’s dad. We’re blessed by their love and support.

I’m so fortunate to be Eliana and Dominic’s father.

Watching them wrestle after dinner, and jump from couch to couch despite numerous and repeated requests to stop, and exchange verbal snipes and physical jabs at each other just reminds me of what it’s like to be a kid.

Although I was a perfect child, I do remember that type of activity on occasion with my sister and brother. 🙂

My folks gave Eliana a book that’s like a journal and helps her prepare for her baptism this October. She was filling it out the other day and Vickey showed me later what she wrote on the page about her father.

She wrote that I’m a computer typer. Yep, that’s me — glued to the computer.

And she likes me because I’m nice. Isn’t that cute?

She at least got Vickey’s profession nailed; she’s a teacher.

Ellie and I attended church together today and she was a perfect angel for the father’s day program. Vickey and Dominic stayed home because of illness. They both caught a bug from Eliana (she was diagnosed with strep throat last week). Without her brother there, Ellie even managed to doze off for part of the meeting. I actually got to listen to the speakers and ponder what they had to say. Nice!

Being a father sure gives you appreciation for the fathers in your life, earthly and heavenly.

I read in the newspaper some of what President Obama has said about fathers recently — that it takes real courage, after you’ve succeeded at physically becoming a father, to actually stick around and raise the child. True enough!

Although being a parent is challenging, it’s also rewarding. I get teary when I think of not having Eliana or Dominic around to liven things up. I love them (and usually their antics). And I love Vickey for being their mother and my wife.

It was a good father’s day!

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