Grandpas are for memories

Today we had a stake conference where we heard from our stake leaders and a couple LDS general authorities, including an apostle, Elder Ballard.

He spoke for a few minutes about grandfathers and said he believed their mission is to create memories in the lives of their grandkids.

My mind immediately went back to memories I have of Grandpa Jensen holding my sister in his home in Richfield Utah. I was probably only four or five. Also of memories I have of doing projects with my Grandpa Codella at our home in Houston when they’d come from Las Vegas to visit. He’d conclude every project with, “Another fine job by AMC!” I thought he was silly. But his expression is certainly memorable.

Then I thought of the past couple of weeks our family has had — welcoming my parents from New York as they spent a couple weeks out west with us and my brother’s family, and spending a weekend at the Snow family cabin celebrating Vickey’s parent’s 50th wedding anniversary.

My kids had experiences recently with both of their grandpas that I suspect they’ll always remember.

When you look back, although you may be truly grateful, it’s not the college savings accounts or birthday gifts that really matter. It’s the time you spend with family and the memories you make together that really count. It’s those memories that you think back on with fondness.

We’re very fortunate to have two sets of grandparents who are married and actively involved in our lives. We’re grateful for their love and support.

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