Goodbye Henderson, hello Bountiful

It’s true. The Pete and Vickey Codella family are relocating. The big day is Oct. 10, 2008. The movers are coming on 10/10 at 10 a.m. Now that’s serendipitous!

We’re so excited to be moving to northern Utah and be in closer proximity to family — Vickey’s parents and brother, and my brother and his family, not to mention other extended family members.

Vickey and I have felt for a couple years it was time to move on. In fact, for the record, we were working on moving plans before our friends, Mark and Amber, announced their plans to return to college for Mark’s doctorate degree.

But the timing just wasn’t quite right.

After a long time of trying different options, things are finally in place and working out for us. We’re relieved, to say the least. And we feel very blessed.

We’ve been here eight-plus years now and it has been really wonderful. We have so many good friends in Henderson and our home is finally done being updated from the standard tract home it was when we purchased it. We have enjoyed living here very much.

I have a client in Utah that signed an agreement which makes it possible for us to move the family and business there.

We’re looking forward to all the seasons (remind me of that when I complain at the end of winter how tired I am of being cold), to doing things with family and to spending more time together as a family.

Vickey’s plan is to be a full-time stay-at-home mom and my plan is to grow my business in Utah.

The intricacies of how I secured office space and how we located our rental home in Bountiful are too detailed to relate. Basically, the Lord took care of the details.

After only a week of looking, we found what we think is the perfect home for us in the perfect location. It’s in Bountiful, in one of my missionary areas that I’ve always wanted to live in some day.

Well, for us, some day comes on Oct. 11. We’re thrilled!

While we’re up to our necks in boxes and disarray at home, the light at the end of the tunnel is just ahead only a couple of weeks.

We put our home on the market in early August and after two weeks received two offers. The details of the sale are still in the works, but we feel it’s time for us to move on, especially in light of the new business opportunity I have in Utah.

We’ll be living at “The Cottage,” as it’s called by its owner. It’s a 1902 home built on the east bench in Bountiful, up by the LDS temple, which has since been extensively remodeled. We signed a one-year lease to give us an opportunity to experience the area and decide where we want to live long-term.

And how’s this for firsts: neither Vickey nor I have seen the home!

Vickey’s parents did most of the groundwork looking for homes for us. I looked for an afternoon on Sept. 16 while I was in Salt Lake City giving a public relations and social media presentation to the International Association of Business Communicators Utah chapter. But other than that, we used the internet and Vickey’s folks to check places out. Thanks, mom and dad Snow for all your help!

I need to wrap this up so I can get home and continue our packing quest.

Below are some photos of our new home. The first is from Google Maps. I added some notes to point out some of the property’s features.

The other images were taken by my business partner who I’m sharing office space with in Bountiful, Steve Olson of Olson Marketing Services. Thanks to Steve and Sue for going out of their way to check the place out this week.

Here’s the view of the temple from our yard.

And while the Olson’s were at the property, a deer was eating underneath one of our trees.

This will be a big change from our desert, concrete and stucco surroundings. We think it’s just what the doctor ordered.

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