E squared – the experience

We have grown accustomed to experiencing what I’ve coined E-squared. It stands for emotional Eliana.

Ellie has a gift, you see. She can cry within about five seconds. She can go from a totally fun, rational little girl to a crying, screaming, irrational tyrant in a matter of seconds.

Usually she folds her arms and tilts her head down – that’s the sign that she’s getting ready for E-squared.

We experienced just such a lovely occurrence this week on picture day. The night before, Vickey dutifully put Eliana’s hair in curlers so the next morning she could have cute, curly hair.

Vickey was working that morning so it was up to me to get Eliana dressed and to school. We did okay with the getting dressed part, and having breakfast. But when it came time to take out the curlers and curl her hair and style it, everything fell apart.

Ellie kept repeating: I look stupid! My hair’s stupid! You’re stupid!

It was really fun.

Not that I’m a great hairstylist in the first place. But I thought we were making good progress.

I had to leave her to her emotional meltdown for a few minutes while I tended to Dominic’s needs and did a little computer work to focus on something rational.

She finally did calm down but only after incurring very red eyeballs and puffy eyes. And only after we ran her head under the bathtub faucet, blew dried her hair and combed it straight. So much for overnight curlers.

She got to school 45 minutes late. Apparently she was still in time for picture day. But lucky for us, we’ll be moved out by the time the photos are delivered.

Like I told Eliana on the drive to school that morning, “I can’t wait until she has a seven year-old daughter.” I suspect I’ll really enjoy reading her blog at that juncture in her life.

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