A crown as a parting gift

So in my routine cleaning and check-up at the dentist’s office this morning, I was informed that my back molar’s filling had chipped and that the best solution was to cap it.

Every dentist I’ve seen since college has told me that my back molar should be crowned.

Braces could have straightened it up when I was a teenager, but instead of that I’ve gone through a string of treatments, the last of which was a filling that never quite fit right and still left a gap for food in the back of my mouth.

So, since we have dental insurance now and I’ll be in a different locale without a trusted dentist in two weeks, I said to go ahead.

Little did I know how much it would still cost us. Mama mia!

I left the dentist’s office after two hours and completely numb. Now the novocain is wearing off and my head’s throbbing. Not very fun.

I can better relate to Vickey and all her dental work now. She wins when it comes to implants and crowns in our family. I can’t even tell you how many she has. This is my first crown. I’d love for it to be my last.

The plan is for the lab to create my crown and have it delivered the day before we drive out of town. We’ll see if that plan comes together.

Let’s see how many things we can cram into these next few days before we leave town. It’ll be a fun contest.

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