A quick update on my crowning achievement

Wednesday evening at dinner, while eating soft food, I suddenly felt something hard between my teeth. I knew right away it was my temporary crown.

Sure enough, it came right off while we enjoyed breakfast waffles for dinner. They weren’t even crunchy, but my fake tooth was.

I called the dentist’s office right away only to learn they were not in the office again until Friday morning. So, I went in first thing this morning, 7 a.m., to have them put my temporary crown back on.

When they examined the tooth they discovered a part of it had been chipped. I guess I ate it. That reminds me of when I ate my front baby tooth while enjoying a caramel apple. Who knew I’d have such a penchant for eating teeth?

The dental clinician made me a new tooth and I was on my way within about 30 minutes.

So, I’ve seen the dentist twice this week. We’ll see how many times I get to visit him next week before we leave town on Friday. We’re already planning on spending some quality time together Thursday afternoon. No offense, but hopefully that’ll be it.

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