Happy birthday Dominic

This morning we all got up and ready for the day while Dominic slept (he’s a late sleeper). Once we woke him up, we sang happy birthday and took him downstairs where a dozen or more presents were waiting to be opened.

It didn’t take much time at all for him to tear into one of the gifts and begin unwrapping. He had a blast and Eliana was right next to him, guiding him with what to open next. They were quite the pair.

Dominic is a very lucky three year-old with grandparents, parents and a sister who love him, not to mention other family members and friends.

He got clothes and toys, including more train parts and his much anticipated cowboy boots (which light up, by the way), more toy horses and even a large wooden stable to store them in.

Vickey took the kids to Lisa’s this morning on her way to work. We’re planning to meet-up for dinner at In-N-Out, then host a cake and ice cream get-together for a handful of families tonight at seven.

Dominic wanted to take some of his new toys to Lisa’s home so he took his complete train set, now with more track and two new engines and cars that go forward and in reverse. I’m sure Lisa will enjoy setting that up today with all the kids running around.

It’s a fun birthday for Dominic!

Here are some photos from this morning.

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