Fourth of July weekend

We’ve had a fun, full Fourth of July weekend.

Our friends and neighbors went out of town and offered to let us use their pool. Vickey and I took the kids over there Thursday night and I took them back this afternoon while Vickey headed off to work at Wyndham.

Last night the kids and I enjoyed a barbeque at my cousin Lisa’s home (again, Vickey missed out because she was at work). After dinner we ventured down to Henderson City Hall to watch the fireworks. They did a good job and we had a good view. The only drawback was we felt like a blowdryer was in our face all night — there was a hot gusty wind (typical for this time of year).

Yesterday mid-morning I ventured to Home Depot and rented a heavy duty drill and one-and-a-half-inch drill bit to drill eight holes in the cement in our back yard to mount the 15’ trampoline our neighbors gave us. Our kind home teacher gave up a couple hours to help me mark where to drill the holes, get the holes drilled and get the frame put together and attached to the cement. It actually all went together quite nicely and easily.

I felt bad because a couple of times the drill stuck in the concrete and swung around and hit him right in the head. Hopefully his headache wasn’t too bad yesterday.

Now the kids have a nice trampoline again. Hopefully the sun won’t destroy this one 12 months time. We were given pads to cover the springs as well, but they’re apparently for a 14’ trampoline because they don’t fit properly. So we’ll have to see about getting the correct pads eventually.

I spoke with my brother today who complained about 100 degree weather in Salt Lake City. Like he’s going to get any sympathy from me! I believe it was about 113 while we were working out in the back yard yesterday at noon. That’s like me complaining about 30 degree weather here in January when it’s closer to 15 in Salt Lake.

At any rate, we’ve had a fun couple of days. The kids and I have spent some quality time together. They’ve even been pretty good about helping me straighten up the house, go shopping, pay way too much for a full tank of gasoline, and get other weekend stuff done.

They were both asleep by 8:10 tonight, a testament to the late night of fireworks last night.

I’ve got a boatload of computer work to get done but rather than do work tonight, I vegged out and watched a TV movie. Now I’m headed to bed.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

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