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Missionary Journal – June 3, 1989

Day 4 of my full-time mission
Area: Missionary Training Center, Provo, Utah

I’m up now at 6:20 a.m. We’re supposed to be at breakfast now but my companion is still getting ready. His name is Elder Pitcher. He’s really a great guy. He’s very considerate of others. My roomies are Elders Humphries and Skelton. Humphries and I get along great. He’s a pretty cool guy. Skelton is the intellectual type and has managed to kind of set himself apart. But we all love each other and each night before we go to bed we have a prayer together and then shake hands and say, “I love you,” and the neat thing is, we really do.

Yesterday we learned the commitment pattern and it’s so great! If I can master that, I’ll be a great missionary and teacher always, not just on my mission.

I pray that the Lord will be with me today and give me strength to do all that I need.


Classes are all over for the day. It was missionary day so we got to be investigators and missionaries. We taught the first discussion and the second time we did it, it was awesome! The spirit was very strong and it felt wonderful. I love being so accessible to the spirit, and I realize that it’s me that’s changing, not the spirit. I will continue to change and be better. I’m so glad to be here!


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