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Countrywide rogue employee gives away our personal information


Has anyone else received a letter like this from Countrywide? We are writing to inform you that we recently became aware that a Countrywide employee (now former) may have sold unauthorized personal information about you to a third party….it was determined that the customer information involved in this incident included your name, address, Social Security […]

Why I love the Olympics


We’re barely an hour into the 2008 Olympics opening ceremonies. What an amazing spectacular. It’s truly incredible what they’ve put together. I think the Olympics provide us with the perfect opportunity to remember that we’re all human, children of a loving Heavenly Father. They set the stage for bringing out the best in human triumph […]

Funny BYU memory


On my flight last night to St. Louis where I’m attending a business conference, I read BYU Magazine (Summer 2008). First of all, I have to say publicly how much I admire and LOVE reading anything authored by Elder Hafen (see A Disciple’s Journey, pg. 26). As a member of the BYU Young Ambassadors I […]

Bob Mackie


Part of my trip down memory lane . . . Have I ever blogged about meeting Bob Mackie, professional lighting décor designer, and Carol Burnett’s costumer? Here I am, at an event at my then client, Northern Lights, meeting Bob Mackie in December 2003.

Investigating child abuse


Many of you have inquired as to the child abuse investigation surrounding Dominic’s broken leg accident. Good news! Yesterday we received a letter from child protective services with the following: The Protective Services referral was closed on 12-7-2007 with a disposition of unsubstantiated. So, it looks like that part of Dominic’s injury and recovery is […]