Investigating child abuse

Many of you have inquired as to the child abuse investigation surrounding Dominic’s broken leg accident.

Good news! Yesterday we received a letter from child protective services with the following:

The Protective Services referral was closed on 12-7-2007 with a disposition of unsubstantiated.

So, it looks like that part of Dominic’s injury and recovery is behind us.

Now we’ll hope for an equally positive outcome during our Jan. 2 visit to the pediatric orthopedic doctor’s office. If everything looks good then, the cast can be removed. If not, it’ll be at least another couple weeks from that time.

Dominic has actually started to move around on his own. He does an army crawl using his arms and one free leg. It’s both pathetic and entertaining to watch.

And Angie, you’d better hurry to catch-up on the blogging. I’ve got you doubled!

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