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RootsTech 2015

What I learned at RootsTech 2015


I spent a few days last week with my dad at the FamilySearch RootsTech 2015 conference. I was amazed at the number of conference attendees, exhibitors and overall activity surrounding genealogy and family history. I had no idea how many people and businesses are involved in that space — a $4 billion market according to […]

My fourth hernia surgery


If there are any statisticians reading this out there, I’d love for you to tell me the odds of having hernia surgery four times. My doctor says there’s a five percent recurrence rate for each hernia surgery. Since I’ve now re-done three of them, totaling four altogether, I wonder what the percentage for my lucky […]

Bad, Bad Countrywide


This identity theft thing has to be the most frustrating thing I’ve experienced in recent years. I must say I’m quite bitter towards Countrywide’s rogue employee and the person who’s using my personal information to get credit. Almost every day we receive either new credit cards or letters denying credit due to numerous credit inquiries […]