Countrywide rogue employee gives away our personal information

Has anyone else received a letter like this from Countrywide?

We are writing to inform you that we recently became aware that a Countrywide employee (now former) may have sold unauthorized personal information about you to a third party….it was determined that the customer information involved in this incident included your name, address, Social Security number, mortgage loan number, and various other loan and application information.

We deeply regret this incident and apologize for any inconvenience or concern it may cause you.

The letter goes on to say that Countrywide has paid for two years of credit monitoring services by for us.

Attached with the letter are seven precautionary measures the company advises us to take and four steps to follow if we do become victims of identity theft.

Whew, I feel so much better knowing I can have two years of credit monitoring services, and knowing what I should do if all of the sudden our debt quadruples.

Here’s something we could do to prevent identity theft: not be a Countrywide customer.

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