Eliana turns seven

It’s hard to believe our oldest is seven today.

We got up early and opened presents and enjoyed breakfast together.

She’s headed to school soon where I’m sure she’ll be showered with happy birthday wishes. Vickey and Dominic are taking Dunkin’ Donuts to school this afternoon to celebrate.

Then this afternoon, after school, we’re doing what Eliana wants to do: a matinee movie, dinner and ice cream at Dairy Queen. [Update 1: the food venue is now The Cheesecake Factory – I guess she reserves the right to change her mind for whatever reason. Update 2: turns out Rainforest Cafe was the final destination, where she and her best friend Olympia were entertained by a roaming magician and balloon master. It was quite the evening!]

That’s her itinerary and activity list for her special day. We left it up to her. At first she wanted to go hang gliding (because we saw it on PBS the other night) but I explained she was a bit too young for that.

All of us are happy for Eliana Marie today and wish her the very best birthday. We love you Ellie!


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