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Eliana’s baptism


It’s been almost a month now since Eliana was baptized and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I’ve got a handful of photos and some thoughts I’d like to share about the event. Although we have moved out of the rental home in Bountiful, we choose to hold Ellie’s […]

Eliana turns seven


It’s hard to believe our oldest is seven today. We got up early and opened presents and enjoyed breakfast together. She’s headed to school soon where I’m sure she’ll be showered with happy birthday wishes. Vickey and Dominic are taking Dunkin’ Donuts to school this afternoon to celebrate. Then this afternoon, after school, we’re doing […]

Some photos of the kids


It’s been a while since I posted random photos of the little ones. Here’s Dominic at Grandma and Grandpa Snow’s, getting ready to go out in the winter weather. Dominic taking cooking lessons (we train ’em young). Dominic playing with monkeys. Eliana and Dominic enjoying a rare Vegas rain storm (thanks for the High School […]