A field trip to Hogle Zoo

Dominic at Hogle ZooOn May 25 I accompanied Dominic and his kindergarten class on a field trip to Hogle Zoo.

We left the school at 9 a.m. and stayed at the zoo till 1. Everyone brought a sack lunch for food.

Each parent was assigned a few kids to chaperone. Dominic and I explored with his friend, Atiba. I think we walked past all the animals at least three times. And I think I was calling out one of the boys’ names at least every other minute. We had a challenging time sticking together – so many fun things to see and explore.

Dominic loved seeing all the animals and pretty much knew the names of each of them. He was a little afraid of the large animatronic dinosaur, and Atiba was scared of the snakes and spiders, but other than that they were completely enthralled.

If you’d like to check out the photo album I’ve shared on Picasa, you can see all the photos here.


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