A funeral and a baby blessing

We’re back safely in Henderson after a whirlwind few days.

Friday morning Vickey flew to Utah for her Uncle Kenny’s funeral. I drove up that afternoon, after a presentation I gave for Codella Marketing, with Eliana and Dominic.

We spent Saturday with the Snow family: Gordon, Murriel and Rachel. Vickey’s brothers had already returned to their homes after Friday’s funeral by the time I got there with the kids.

Sunday we journeyed up to Ogden to participate in the baby naming and blessing for cute little Autumn Brooke Jensen, daughter of Preston and Amy Jensen (Amy is the daughter of Vickey’s cousin).

On our drive home yesterday we stopped in Hurricane for a delicious spaghetti and meatball dinner cooked by Matt’s girls. Eliana was so impressed that Tessa and Emma know how to cook. Her eyes got big and she asked, “They know how to cook dinner?” Way to go Tessa and Emma!

We enjoyed our time with Vickey’s family. On the drive home we spoke about the cycle of life and how just in her family there was a death and birth. Life continues and we just never know when it’s our turn to move on.

We’re so thankful for the eternal nature of families and to know that even after this life we’ll have those sweet associations, as well as meet many more who have gone before.

Our thoughts will continue to go out to Kenny’s widow, Cathy. She’s one of many now in our extended family who has lost a spouse.

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