Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Snow

Tonight we let the kids open a few gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Snow. They came down for a couple days with Vickey’s brother, Charley, for the Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl and to spend some time with us.

And let’s just say right now – that deflected UCLA field goal attempt with three seconds left in last night’s Las Vegas Bowl was nothing short of miraculous. Nothing like a BYU football bowl game win, even if it’s by only one point, to help Grandpa Snow have a very Merry Christmas.

Eliana received an electric guitar that she can strum and sing into a microphone. It even plays songs from an MP3 player so she could sing along to her favorite tunes (maybe in a couple years if it lasts that long). She also received a handful of other toys but the guitar was certainly a big hit.

Dominic got a battery powered dinosaur and a large pirate ship with plenty of pirates, swords and treasure, along with a few other things. At first he was afraid of the dinosaur but he’s warmed up to it now.

After the three Snows left for Hurricane to visit Vickey’s older brother, Matt’s family, we shared dinner with the Coglianese family. We also welcomed my other cousins, Steve and his family and Lisa and her family and my aunt Sarah as they dropped by tonight separately to give us and the kids Christmas gifts.

This past week we’ve also been the recipients of many goodies and gift cards dropped at our doorstop by very kind friends and neighbors/ward members. Actually, we feel quite overwhelmed at the generosity shown to us (in most cases anonymously). This is definitely a Christmas to remember.

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