Dominic sees the doctors

Today Dominic had visits with our regular pediatrician and the pediatric orthopedic group of the doctor who the ER called in to put the cast on him. Both visits were productive and good for Vickey, Murriel and Dominic.

He’s doing well. A few adjustments were made with his cast to provide a tad more room for diapers. It seems like the whole spica cast diapering should be an art form. It’s done with at least two people and as many diapers, plenty of tape, nipping and tucking (of the diaper), and my preference is that it includes a gas mask.

Dominic didn’t cry or whimper all morning while he was being carted around in the Odyssey and on the wagon. He and his entourage were the envy of everyone who saw them. One of the health care professionals asked where we purchased the wagon so he could get one for his kids (Target, on sale; $15 less than Wal-Mart and $20 less than Toys R Us).

We made contact today with the regional school superintendant and had a face-to-face meeting with Eliana’s principal. He acknowledged that the school policy for on-site interviews by police/CPS officials wasn’t followed precisely. He said he was sorry he couldn’t change the past but that in the future he’ll personally see that the policy (Clark County School District Regulation 5145.1 if you care to check it out) is followed. That is basically what we wanted from him.

Grandma was great to help Eliana with her homework again tonight. Then we shared a meal while Dominic was waking up from his afternoon nap (to recuperate from the two doctor’s outings and walk to/from Ellie’s school with mom and grandma this afternoon). Then Vickey and her mom left to make Gymboree stockholders richer.

A bright spot, something that came to mind as I straightened up the family room tonight, not once in the past week have we had to ask Dominic to not touch the Christmas tree ornaments.

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