Eliana plays Sandy the Salamander

Yesterday Eliana and her first grade class gave three performances of A Froggy Day in Lindentown, a written-for-elementary school show. They all wore green t-shirts and frog sun visors.

Eliana was one of the kids in a different costume. She was dressed as Sandy the Salamander and had several lines, and a mud pie, to deliver. She did a great job and enjoyed being on stage. At least that’s what she said afterwards.

We enjoyed some frozen custard together as a family after the performance as a special treat.

Here are some photos from the evening’s activities…

Eliana as Sandy the Salamander.

Eliana and her teacher, Ms. Little.

Eliana with two classmates and friends from church, Chase and Jacob.

And these two photos demonstrate Eliana, the actress.

Here she is with Dominic before the performance (it’s nearly impossible getting Dominic to hold still for a photo).

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