Enjoying spring, except for the allergies

Here’s a rare occurrence on our blog, a photo of me and Vickey together.

The only reason we got this photo is because Vickey took it. Eliana has tried taking our picture, but none have turned out yet. Perhaps soon she’ll be old enough and have enough interest in photography to have us as her subjects.

We snapped this picture during our kite flying outing with the kids a couple weekends ago. It continues to warm up and be beautiful in the Las Vegas valley.

My only problem is my aversion to pollen. It has been a difficult spring as far as my allergies are concerned. I’ve gone from one sinus infection and one sleepless night to another.

Last Saturday I worked in the back yard clearing debris and removing some dead Italian cypress trees. I thought I had escaped an allergic reaction until the next evening. I was miserable.

Tonight I took the kids to a baseball game to see Chris Swan play with his team. While the outing was fun, it was windy and turned cold during the late-night game and by 8:30 we had to call it quits.

I bathed the kids and began putting them down until Vickey returned from her Relief Society dinner. Then the kids got their preferred bedtime parent’s attention. So I turned to the computer.

And now my allergies are acting up again. I think I should just refrain from being outside unless I can wear some type of astronaut helmet or gas mask or something. My allergies are bad, especially when the wind blows.

In other news — for those of you interested in reconnecting with old friends, I have found Facebook to be especially effective. It has been very fun to reconnect with college, high school and even grade school friends. My kindergarten and first grade friend, Joe Davis, recently contacted me through Facebook. Now that was a trip down memory lane.

If you do sign-up, be sure to look me up and add me as your friend.

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