Go Cougars

We’ve had a string of visitors this week, Vickey’s sister-in-law and her two girls, and Vickey’s parents.

We had fun together and even spent all of Friday night out on the town touring the Strip, something we haven’t done for a long time (and now I remember why).

Yesterday was the BYU vs. UNLV football game. I helped organize the BYU tailgate party and was the emcee of the activities, welcoming the fans, introducing BYU Athletic Director Tom Holmoe and President Cecil Samuelson along with the cheer squad and Cosmo. The tailgate party featured my old neighbor friend’s band and a half-dozen or so LDS friendly businesses. The crowd was more reserved than they have been in years past; that was a bit different.

Here’s a lovely photo of me making some announcements.

The game got off to a slow start but ended well for the Cougars, 24 to 14.

We took the whole family and the kids were truly spent after the tailgate party and game. We got them to bed around 10:30 p.m. then the four of us adults had dinner, which we decided was just an early breakfast.

The week leading up to the game I was contacted by a handful of reporters to comment on the matchup, since I’m the vice-chair of the BYU Alumni Association in Las Vegas. Here’s one article in the Review-Journal that includes a quote from me.

We’re enjoying beautiful weather and the presence of Vickey’s parents until later tonight when they return to Salt Lake.

Sorry we don’t have photos to include—Vickey hasn’t provided any for quite a while—just too many other things going on.

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