Grandma returns to New York

Thanks to Grandma C. for visiting with us this past week. We enjoyed the extra hands, especially when it came to cooking and cleaning up.

Grandma made the prerequisite trips to the park and toy store with the kids.

Eliana got sick Thursday/Friday and by Saturday morning had to go to the quick care clinic for some professional medical help. Their diagnosis was a slight case of pneumonia (is that possible?). We, however, think she has a bad chest cold. She’s on antibiotics now and taking medicine for a high fever and coughing/congestion. She has pretty much been lying on the couch, watching movies for a couple days. We can tell that she’s feeling better tonight because she’s mixing it up with her brother, like normal.

This past week we’ve gone to the park, daytime and nighttime, watched several movies, enjoyed dinner together, and even made a trip to my office last weekend after stopping by the scrapbooking store to pick-up a couple items to complete a flier for an upcoming elders quorum event I’m organizing.

In all of our activities, it was great to have grandma along. Thanks again for taking the time to visit with us and for all you did while you were here. We’ll miss you until next time.

PS Grandma: Send us your photos when you can, we didn’t get very many.

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