Halloween photos from South Jordan

I had planned to do some blog updating last weekend but managed to catch a yucky stomach flu bug from my brother’s family on Halloween, so I’m just getting around to posting some updates.

We spent last Saturday unpacking and hanging things up on our home’s main level. The upstairs bedrooms and play area for the kids is mostly put together, minus hanging a few things and setting up some shelves and a media cabinet for the TV, etc.

Downstairs is another story. We haven’t been able to get down there yet to unpack and get things organized.

Friday I left work a bit early to unpack and then go with the family to my brother’s, even though we knew their kids had been throwing up. At least I’m the only one in our family that got sick from the exposure. Vickey swears it’s because of her use of Swedish Bitters before going over there. I’m the only one in our family that didn’t have the herbal elixir before we went over there; I took some afterwards.

Unfortunately for Dominic, he made a half-dozen bad choices on Friday that ultimately caused him to miss going trick or treating all together. I know, aren’t we mean parents? Vickey kept telling him that would be his punishment and he disregarded her warnings. Then I got to stay at my brother’s with Dominic and enforce the punishment.

Not to worry though, after about 20 minutes of crying he managed to get into answering the door to hand out candy and into helping me make caramel apples (they were good!).

I think all the cousins had a great time being together, something we haven’t been able to do so often these past nine years.

Here are a few Halloween photos.

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