It’s way too hot for May 19…

. . . that’s what I’ve been thinking all day today.

From the get-go I was greeted with a most unpleasant odor when I entered my 87° office at 7:30 a.m. For some reason, when it warms up, it smells like there’s a rotting animal in our reception area at work. Yuck!

Then I had a lunch meeting in Henderson, followed by a tour of old town Henderson in preparation for a pitch we’re making tomorrow afternoon to the City of Henderson Redevelopment Agency (we’re one of three firms they have invited back following an initial RFP). Wish us luck!

At any rate, when I returned to my truck to drive back to the office, the thermostat said it was 113°! When I got back to the office I received an email from the local newspaper with this message:

The official temperature in Las Vegas has reached 108 degrees shattering the all-time high for May 19, which was a 102-degree mark set in 2006.

So here’s my way-too-hot-for-May wish: for the housing market to heat up as quickly so we can sell our home and move to a cooler climate.

I guess I’ll just have to get used to the heat for the next few months. Then come October and November I’ll love being here and not in upstate New York, Vermont or Utah where our other family members live.

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