Playing soldier

I have a whole ton of photos and stories to publish on the family blog. I’ll have to play catch up one of these days.

We had a very fun week in southern Utah last week. I had a great birthday. We enjoyed spending time with family and friends. We even did an Easter egg hunt at Aunt Betty’s with the kids and Vickey’s brother’s family. Eliana got to see her friend Olympia and Vickey got to visit with Olympia’s mom, Ellen.

We drove home late Saturday in a rain and snow storm, unloaded and unpacked and got ready for Easter morning.

It took me a couple nights to catch up on sleep early this week.

My all-day trip to Logan on Monday didn’t help my recuperating from Saturday’s trip.

Tonight the kids were playing with their umbrellas and Easter baskets, marching around the house like soldiers. I just had to take a picture.

It snowed here today. It rained. And it snowed. It’s been rainy for a couple days.

Did I mention that it was snowing here today?

Regardless, I turned off the heat downstairs. I refuse to have the heater on during the second part of April. It’s just wrong.

Darn that global warming!

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