Setting up the play set

I finally tackled the play set project. When we purchased it several years ago from Vinyl Adventure it took me a full two Saturdays to get it all set-up.

When we took it down in Henderson to move it up here, it was only about a two-hour job.

Today, it took me about three hours to get the pieces put together. I had the benefit of having put it together once before and working with much larger pieces than the first time I put it together.

However I ran out of time to dig the two-foot hole for the circular slide post. Perhaps next week. Unless it snows. Then it’ll just have to wait until the spring (I’m secretly hoping for this option).

I’m kind of tired of unpacking, organizing, searching for things we can’t locate, and never relaxing.

Thanksgiving weekend should be fun and relaxing. We’ll be with Grandma and Grandpa Snow in Holladay. We’re looking forward to good food, some fun games, and letting Grandma entertain the kidlets.

Photos of the new play set installation . . .

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