Sledding on New Year’s Day

I’m a bit behind on my blog posts. I’ve been busy at work these past couple of weeks.

On New Year’s Day we made the drive up to Heber, Utah to spend the day with our friends, the Coglianese family. Amber’s mom and step-dad have a home there, nestled on the mountainside in the northeast part of town. There’s a great sledding slope in their yard and Mark and Amber thought it would be fun for all of us to hang out up there on New Year’s and go sledding. It was fun!

Vickey stayed inside where it was warm most of the time, with Amber and her family. But I donned my snow equipment with the kids and we spent most of the afternoon outside.

While we were out there Amber’s step-brother and his wife built a snow cave in which the kids had a great time playing.

A couple of times the kids went so fast down the hill that they went into the paved road. Poor Sarah did that earlier in the day, during the morning sledding run, and got a little banged up. She got road rash on her head — never a fun thing.

I saw Eliana and Jared jump over the snow bank and onto the paved road, but they managed to stay in the sled and not get injured.

We were spoiled because Kim, Amber’s step-dad, would drive his pick-up down to the bottom of the hill and after each run we’d ride up with him back to the top. Now that’s the way to sled!

Dominic had a great time going down by himself. He did take a tumble out of the pick-up towards the end of the afternoon, when neither Mark nor I were in the back with the kids. Apparently he thought he could jump out on his own, like the older kids. Luckily he was just a bit shaken up and not injured in any way.

My favorite run was when Dominic ended up going down in his own sled upside down and head first. Don’t ask me how he flipped around like that, but he did. And he loved it!

I think Vickey was holding her breath the whole day, hoping none of us would get injured; and we didn’t. We just had lots of fun. Thanks, Mark and Amber, for inviting us. Let’s do it again!

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