Thanksgiving bounty

We have plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

We spent the weekend with Vickey’s parents and enjoyed their company, and the company of Vickey’s brother, Charley. Vickey’s nephew, Casey, also joined us for Thanksgiving dinner, but had to run to hang with his cronies after we ate.

Thanksgiving dinner was served around 1 p.m. on Thursday and we ate and ate. The food was fabulous. So were the leftovers later that night, and the next day, and today!

Here’s a photo of our Thanksgiving dinner table, believe it or not, before most of the food was brought downstairs and placed on the table.

Here’s a picture of everyone getting ready for the big meal (from left to right: Vickey, Gordon, Casey, Murriel and Charley).

Our original plan was to spend Wednesday evening at the Snows since Eliana was off school that day, but Dominic managed to succumb to the family cold on Wednesday and had a fever of 103. He was not a happy camper. Even Thursday morning he wasn’t doing that well, but we decided to go to grandma and grandpa’s anyway, mostly because Dominic was with Grandpa Snow all day on Tuesday, so if anyone was going to be exposed to the cold, it would have happened Tuesday. Our fingers are crossed for you Grandpa!

Dominic was pretty much better by today, but he’s sure a whinny sicko. It wasn’t much fun to be around him on Wednesday and Thursday.

We both talked to our other siblings and parents who weren’t with us on Thanksgiving. All in all, we all have much to be grateful for. Our families are blessed.

We’re particularly grateful to be in our new environment and to have our home sold in Henderson, where, by some estimates, the property values have declined by 20% over the past year. We’re certainly looking forward to some positive changes in our economy.

We’re thankful for good family and friends and many rich and rewarding relationships.

We’re especially grateful for the hand of the Lord in our lives. We know He has watched for and guided us, even though usually not on our time table. And we’re better for having exercised faith and trusted in His plan for us.

We hope those we love, appreciate and admire have a wonderful, safe, happy and healthy holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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