The stuff Saturday’s are made of

Today was a good day. We attended to the myriad of things that need to happen each week, all the house chores, and then even took the opportunity to use some coupons to eat out, followed by a family movie night at home.

Vickey had Pampered Chef and Wyndham meetings today, until about 5 p.m.

The kids slumbered until almost 10 a.m. before having their breakfast. I spent the morning working on my Sunday school lesson for next Sunday (yes, I prepared a week in advance so I’d be ready). Next week I’m switching to a PowerPoint presentation so I don’t have to deal with the silly old chalkboard.

Today we cleaned the whole house, ran an errand dropping off a half-dozen 33-gallon bags to Goodwill, went swimming for a couple hours at our friends the Rodarte’s, then got cleaned up and dressed for dinner once Vickey was home from work.

At the pool Dominic even swam a bit on his own, without a lifejacket. Eliana was swimming on her own by age three, but she spent a lot more time as a youngster in the pool than Dominic has.

We enjoyed Café Rio for the whole family for only $7 because we had some free meal coupons. On the way home we picked up a large piece of chocolate cake from The Cheesecake Factory, so that doubled our meal expense, but it was so worth it. Very yummy! We watched The Spiderwick Chronicles and now — after potty time, teeth brushing, stories and cuddle time — the kids are down for the night.

Eliana and Dominic saw the movie earlier at my cousin’s home. She’s taking care of them while Vickey and I are working. In my opinion, the movie was a bit too grown-up for them, but they said they weren’t scared. Ellie gave away a secret before the end of the movie, but I still enjoyed watching it. And it had a good message about spending time with children, magical creatures that they are.

I looked for some photos to include with this post but all I could find were photos taken a couple weekends ago during a family outing to watch the airplanes at the airport. Dominic especially loves watching the airplanes land and takeoff.

And here are a few from our stake’s celebration of Pioneer Day on July 19. (Yes, it was like 115 degrees at 10 a.m.)

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