A surprise visitor

We learned today that Grandma Snow has decided to book a flight and spend an extended weekend with us for Dominic’s second birthday. She arrives in Vegas in about an hour and leaves Monday night.

We spent the afternoon getting ready for Dominic’s big 7/7/07 birthday party. Eliana and I picked up his gifts: a twin bed frame that was ordered from The Rustic Room (the same furniture shop that made our family room couches and Dominic’s dresser) which arrived just yesterday (good timing, huh?); some toys Ellie helped me pick out from Toys R Us; and a mattress and box spring from RC Willey (we can pick it up at the store tomorrow afternoon). I’d say that’s pretty good for a two year-old.

Tonight I baked 48 star shaped cupcakes and made a huge batch of butter cream frosting. Now we get to decorate cupcakes.

Tomorrow early in the morning Vickey’s got a Pampered Chef booth to set-up at a convention thingy that’s going on in town. One of her consultants is taking everything down and bringing it to her tomorrow afternoon, so besides the early morning set-up she doesn’t have to be there.

Dominic’s party is at 12:30 and we’re expecting about 40 guests. We have some fun games planned and will have pizza, open gifts and share birthday cupcakes.

A minor disaster was averted today when Vickey found a company to send a repairman to look at the fridge (Sears couldn’t provide anyone until Tuesday). He took one look and told her our thermostat was out. So, $225 later, we have a working fridge and freezer in the kitchen again (much less than a new fridge would cost).

Well, I’m back to the blog after making and frosting cupcakes with Vickey for Dominic’s party. Vickey just returned from the madhouse airport with her mom. This is a busy weekend for Las Vegas with all the 7/7/07 festivities. I’m told the airport was packed tonight.

Here are a couple photos from the Fourth of July.



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