Third from the Last: Make ‘Em Laugh

I thought I would not be the last one in the family to post on our blog (It’s a race between Vinny and Pete Sr. now). It’s official: Vickey has actually done her own post on the family blog. Surprised honey?

As you can see, Pete has beat me to the punch about all the current events in our family, so I won’t bore you with further details on the fridge breaking down, the growths in Peter’s nose and what happened during our Fourth of July festivities.

So, what can I write about? The other day I was changing Dominic’s ever-so-delightful poopy diaper and he kept saying “Peeeyewww” and waving his hand in front of his face and laughing hysterically at himself. It occurred to me that one of my all time favorite sounds in the whole wide world is the sound of my kids laughing. I couldn’t resist having a tickle-fest with him after that to make him laugh some more. Some other ways to make The Dominator laugh are to chase him around the house, make funny faces at him and pretend to hit your head really hard and say “Ow”. It gets him every time.

With Ellie it’s easy. All you have to do is make a fart sound and you get uproarious laughter. I can always tell that she has passed gas by the way she is laughing. Her giggles reverberate through the whole house and it is a very specific laugh, as well. It only happens after she (or someone near her-including Tank) cuts the cheese. I love it when Ellie laughs uncontrolably. It is contagious. Her Minnie Mouse pitched voice makes it even more adorable.

They say that laughter is the best medicine and I beleive it. Don’t you always feel better after you laugh your head off? The Snow family has these fits of laughter, usually after midnight when we are playing card games together, that go on forever. You see, when I watch my father laugh, I can’t not laugh myself. This sets off my siblings and they begin laughing because when they watch me laugh they can’t not laugh. Then it is a vicious cycle. I usually laugh until I am crying, and so do most of my family members. Beleive it or not, these fits of laughter can last for about twenty minutes. No matter what, I always feel better when it is all over. I often wonder what Peter thought when he first witnessed this phenomina. I think the initial shock has worn off and now it endears us to him, but one never knows.

Brian and Melissa know that all you have to do to get me laughing is put on the movie “Rat Race”. If you have never seen it, you must rent it. Better yet, come to my house and watch it with me. I think that Brian and I had a laughter melt down the first time we watched it together. Both of us were shedding tears of hilarity as we watched one paticular part (want to visit the Barbie museum?). However, Brian will be the first one to tell you not to put on this movie late at night and let Peter and I watch it while you try to sleep. Both Peter and I laugh until our sides hurt when we watch this movie, and we are not talking petite little snickers here. You gotta let out belly laughs with this one. Another set of movies that always get us going are the old Peter Sellers “Pink Panther” movies. Classic! Sorry, Steve Martin, you didn’t even come close to the genius that was Peter Sellers. Of course, Angie’s old stand-by “The Three Amigos” is always a safe bet for some jocularity, too (“Would you say I have a pluethora of pinatas?”).

So there you have it. My ode to laughter. I hope it at least made you smile. If not, I can have Ellie blow up her “Whoopie Cushion” for you…

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