Bad news day

Tuesday was a not-so-good news day for the Codella family. Several members of our family are dealing with really difficult situations that came to a head.

It’s interesting, I think, how things seem to come in waves. Life is full of ups and downs.

As I listened to the LDS general conference this weekend, it was not surprising that many of the addresses dealt with adversity. The overall message I took away was one of faith and perseverance.

We’re all in this mortal experience together. None of us have an unconditional guarantee, or 100% satisfaction return policy. We just get to roll with the punches; take the hand with which we’re dealt.

I’ve heard it said that if everyone laid their troubles in a pile, then each person were to go to the pile and select their troubles, they’d pick their own right back up.

We have a tendency to feel the grass is always greener on the other side.

I think one of the challenges of mortality is to appreciate all the chapters in our book of life.

When you’re 15 it’s difficult to wait for your next birthday when you can begin driving.

When you’re a young parent it’s difficult to appreciate the middle of the night feedings or comforting of a crying baby.

I suspect when you have teenagers or grown children it’s difficult to appreciate the consequences of your child’s sometimes poor decisions.

Still, I think there’s room for the philosophy of blooming where you planted. Of making the best of whatever situation you’re in. Of realizing life may be challenging but it’s all part of becoming an even better person.

I like the Queen’s line from the movie Ants that goes something like, “It’s our lot in life. It’s not a lot. But it’s our life.”

Things may be rough. They may be real challenging. Things may seem bleak. But in the end, everything will work out for our own benefit and learning.

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