From brownout to blackout and back on again

For a couple weeks we’ve encountered faltering power in our home.

A couple electricians were dispatched by our landlord to check out the problem.

The power switch from the city’s power line to the home power was determined to be the culprit. It was reported to be around 100 years old (or something like that) and full of bees nests, debris and plenty of other non-electrical things.

This morning our power was shut off by the city at 7:30 and by mid-afternoon the city was back out to turn it back on. In the interim, while the power was out, an electrician took apart the old switch and installed a new one.

Since the power has come back on we’ve enjoyed continual light, not having to reset the clocks on the nightstands, stove and microwave, and continually operating television and computers. It’s like we once again have the modern privilege of electricity. We’re so spoiled.

To wrap up, I’m going to include a couple of Dominic’s latest quotes:

“Please bless this sleep,” which he says during nighttime prayers, just like his blessing on the food, to “please bless this food.”


“Am I turning into an ogre?” It doesn’t matter how many times we tell him he isn’t and can’t, he just keeps asking.

I’m beginning to wonder if it might be true with how stubborn and rebellious he’s being lately.

Are ogre’s known for hitting, screaming, fighting, one-word vocabularies (“NO!”) and doing the opposite of what they’re told? If so, I guess it’s safe to say Dominic’s an ogre; or at least in his terrible threes and turning into one.

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