Coglianese family: load one

This afternoon I helped my good friend, Mark Coglianese, load up his first of many moving trucks with his family’s belongings.

He has been accepted into a doctorate program at BYU and will begin his full-time studies this fall. He plans to be done in three years then get some a high paying gig with a university, teaching physical therapy.

Mark and I have been friends since we were seven, growing up in Houston. The main reason we moved to Henderson was because we saw an opportunity to live near the Coglianeses, just seven doors down, and for our families to be together.

We have gone on summer vacations together, celebrated birthdays, anniversaries and holidays together, and had Sunday dinners at each other’s homes nearly every week.

We’ve known for a while that this move was coming. Today was the first day it really set in though. The Coglianeses won’t be seven doors down for too much longer. We’ll sure miss them.

Here’s a photo of Dominic dancing with Mijken (who’s three weeks older than him) this afternoon while Mark and I loaded the moving truck.

On another note: Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! Isn’t it nice that we have a day to remember those we love?

We celebrated with the kids this year, dinner at Pei Wei and dessert from The Cheesecake Factory. Plus Vickey got me a box of See’s chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

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