Dominic is cleared for all activities

Vickey took Dominic back to Dr. Stewart’s office this morning, the pediatric orthopedic surgeon, to have yet another x-ray of his left femur.

The doctor was very pleased with the results. He said Dominic is free to do whatever he wants to do without restriction.

Vickey commented that that was good news since we’ve been spelling out the word p-a-r-k for a couple months now (Ellie has gone with friends and we didn’t want Dominic to know where she was headed), not to mention always being cautious when it came to Dominic’s level of activity.

From what Vickey saw, the x-ray showed a solid bone with remnants of the break. You could still see where it was, but you could also see that the bone was solid again.

From what we’ve been told it takes a year or more for a full recovery.

We’re supposed to have another visit in six months to check bone growth. There’s a possibility that his broken bone will grow faster and be longer than his other leg. Obviously that would cause problems. Time will tell.

At least Big D has a clean bill of health now.

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