Dominic gets a hair cut

Dominic and I enjoy excursions to the barbershop, much like I used to do with my dad. It’s the whole male bonding thing and only works when the barber uses the hot shaving cream and straight razor blade to trim around your ears and neck. Of course they don’t do that for little kids like Dominic, but I remember it from when I was in high school and my dad and I would visit the downtown Niskayuna barber.

At any rate, this is just the second time Dominic and I have been back since he got out of his cast. All the barbers are happy to see him each time and learn of his progress. I took Dominic once the week before he got his cast off. I rolled him in the barber shop in his wagon and everyone thought that was the way to travel, and of course they felt sorry for the little guy in a body cast.

I took a camera and snapped a few pictures of Dominic getting his new do, just before I got mine.

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