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Sick, sick, sick


This allergy season has to be the worst I’ve experienced. My head is in a fog. My sinuses are completely stuffed, my ears are clogged, my throat is raw and my forehead throbs. This has been my continual state of being for 7 days now. After the first hour of church this morning I had […]

Dominic gets a hair cut


Dominic and I enjoy excursions to the barbershop, much like I used to do with my dad. It’s the whole male bonding thing and only works when the barber uses the hot shaving cream and straight razor blade to trim around your ears and neck. Of course they don’t do that for little kids like […]

What’s in a name?


Today’s Dominic’s name day. I know, many of you are wondering, “What’s a name day?” It’s a little way I pay homage to my Italian heritage. You see, as I’ve written about before, Italians not only celebrate birthdays, they also celebrate name days. Any excuse for a party! So, in addition to wishing my brother, […]

Dominic on the road to recovery


Dominic saw Dr. Stewart, the pediatric orthopedic surgeon, today. Dr. Stewart was very pleased with what he saw. He said the x-ray shows Dominic’s femur is at about 85% of normal. He checked out flexibility and mobility, along with comparing the length of both femurs and said everything checks out just dandy. Dominic is still […]