Sick, sick, sick

This allergy season has to be the worst I’ve experienced. My head is in a fog. My sinuses are completely stuffed, my ears are clogged, my throat is raw and my forehead throbs.

This has been my continual state of being for 7 days now.

After the first hour of church this morning I had to call it quits and come home and sleep. I slept for four hours. And that’s good because I can’t manage to sleep through the night any longer. Even this morning I was up by 5 a.m. because of the drip-drop noise on our barbeque grill (yes, it rained here last night) and because my nose was completely stuffed up. I just couldn’t breathe.

I can’t remember the last night I slept past 4 or 5 a.m. In fact, once last week I was up by 3 a.m., and by 6:30 I just got in the shower and got ready for the day and went to work. It was a miserable day.

A quick report of family happenings this week…

The kids were inspired by their cousin, Carter, and how he caught a lizard in his back yard in South Jordan, Utah. They’ve been hot on the trail, or should I say tail, of a lizard that has been hanging out in our back yard.

Here are some photos of their so far unsuccessful attempts at capturing the lizard. Vickey told them the lizard could be their pet if they could catch it. (Let’s hope the lizard continues to be elusive.)

Yesterday morning I spent my morning helping a couple families in our ward with spring yard clean-up work. At one of the homes five of us took a chain saw to two quite large trees, dug out the root ball and hauled the remnants to the dump. That was hard work (and not very pleasant working with a sinus infection).

I was home eating lunch with Vickey around 2 p.m. when Eliana came downstairs to tell us she had something to show us. She and her two Nelson friends, Olympia and Penelope, decided to write on each other with whiteboard markers. The girls drew all over their bellies. Here are some photos.

Eliana - ashamed of her body painting

Penelope - very pleased with herself

And not to be outdone, during choir practice today at the Sommer home (I was still napping but Vickey was there with the kids), Eliana interrupted the rehearsal to tell Vickey she needed to come right away to see what Dominic was doing; that it had to do with permanent markers. Of course everyone there thought that was pretty hysterical, except Vickey. Dominic had written on a couple things with the marker. You know he was just doing what he saw his sister do the day before.

Raising kids…what an experience!

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