Happy Birthday mom!

I was getting ready for bed and realized I still have 50 more minutes to wish my mom a happy birthday, even though her birthday passed two hours and 10 minutes ago in New York.

We called this afternoon and sang happy birthday on her answering machine, so hopefully that’ll be a fun and memorable message for her (like Eliana’s missing tooth message was for me).

Ellie wasn’t in the best of spirits when we called though, so Vickey had her leave another message after the family message.

This is one of those birthdays for my mom that is a milestone and may seem weird. All I can say I we’re all on the same time conveyor belt. The clock just keeps ticking on us all.

Just tonight I was watching Eliana dance to the digital video recording we have of this week’s American Idol (yes, we’re AI junkies), and I thought, “man, she’s getting so tall.” It seems like yesterday when Eliana was Dominic’s size. She’s sure growing up quickly.

So, for my mother’s birthday: Happy birthday mom! Hope you got our messages and that our package arrives soon, if it hasn’t already. We love and appreciate you!


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