Dominic goes bowling

We’ve had trouble this fall with Dominic getting warnings and sent to the think tank (time out) in his kindergarten class. The kid just likes to talk and has lots of energy – and no patience. So, he’s learning to respect others when they’re talking and his teacher when she’s teaching. (She’s so patient!)

Last month after several consecutive trips to the think tank we decided to try incentivizing him with a bowling trip. He had to earn seven stars, one for each day he didn’t get sent to the think tank. It took him a few weeks, but he did it.

Below is a short video of our trip today to Orchard Lanes in North Las Vegas (or watch it on YouTube here).

Dominic has agreed on his next reward — a trip to the South Davis Recreation Center to go swimming after he earns 10 stars. We’ll see how long that takes.


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