Eliana’s first cheerleading performance

Ellie was so thrilled a couple weeks ago when she received notice in school that she could go to a couple hour cheerleading clinic at Coronado High School, learn from the high school cheerleaders, and then perform during halftime at the school’s men’s basketball game on Jan. 18.

She got a Coronado HS t-shirt and the experience of several hours with the cheerleaders and kids her age learning cheers.

Vickey was at a Pampered Chef show last night in Boulder City so it was me and the kids.

Dominic was originally enthused to see a basketball game but grew tired of it pretty quickly. Luckily there were some families from our ward there and their kids kept Dominic entertained during the second half of the first half of the game.

At halftime Eliana was one of the young girls who led the cheerleaders out onto the court to do a cheer. I snapped a couple photos with my mobile phone. That’s the best I could do with Dominic on my lap. I had thought of taking the video camera earlier but I decided against it because it would just be too difficult to pull off while tending to Dominic who’s still not up to 100% with his leg.

Ellie was very cute. She told me afterwards that it was so fun to hear the crowd cheering for her and clapping and that she just couldn’t wipe the smile off of her face. True enough. She looked pretty happy.

I have a feeling this may not be her last experience with cheerleading.

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