Happy birthday dad

Yesterday my parents flew back to Vegas from Salt Lake City where they were visiting my brother and his family.

The first order of business was for my dad to go to a quick care center to get a prescription for a painful sore throat he managed to catch in SLC.

When I got home from work my mom was with Dominic and Eliana was playing with her friend, Olympia.

So I did some cleaning and made dinner while Vickey was with my dad at the quick care.

On his visit to Vegas a year or so ago he ended up passing some kidney stones which caused a day-long ordeal in the hospital emergency room.

Hopefully this doctor’s visit will be less painful, physically and financially.

After all, today is his birthday.

Tonight’s Eliana’s kindergarten graduation. After that it’s shared birthday and graduation cake at our place. Let’s hope my dad’s feeling up to all the pomp and circumstance followed by a birthday party for him.

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