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Happy New Year 2015

As the New Year begins, we look back at all that has happened in our family this past year. It’s been a great year. We’ve been blessed. Here are just a few of the highlights:

Dominic | age 9

  • Played baseball on a little league team this spring; a team that won league as well as regional championships.
  • Hiked in southern Utah with his extended Codella family, including his cousins from Vermont.
  • Sang in a fourth grade opera and participated in a dance performance at school.
  • Continues to advance in Cub Scouts.

Eliana | age 13

  • Voluntarily took on the role of entertainer-in-chief at girl’s camp this summer (she was the youngest one there from our ward).
  • Began 7th grade at South Jordan Middle School, where Vickey teaches special ed.
  • Started playing French horn in middle school band and continues to do well with piano lessons and piano recital performances.
  • Performed with Pete in the 2014 production of Savior of the World.*
  • Got braces.


  • Enjoyed a family vacation at Disney World (the four of us with her mom and sister), and an extended Codella family summer vacation at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort.
  • Went with Dominic to his summer Cub Scout camp.
  • Was called as young women’s president in our ward.
  • Is thrilled that her sister and brother-in-law are foster parents for an adorable baby boy.
  • Sang in the Salt Lake Tabernacle at Christmastime with the We Also Sing choir.


  • Was ordained a high priest and began serving as a member of the high council in our stake.
  • Bought REAL Salt Lake season tickets for the family and loved going to the games.
  • Was elected to the community council for South Jordan Elementary School (where Dominic goes to school).
  • Accepted a job as director of marketing and communications for the University of Utah David Eccles School of Business (where he received his MBA in 2013).
  • Received the Professional Communicator of the Year award at the 2014 Golden Spike Awards (from the Public Relations Society of America and International Association of Business Communicators in Utah; read more here).
  • Performed with Eliana in the 2014 production of Savior of the World.*

* Pete and Eliana really enjoyed the unique experience of portraying the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ this Christmastime in the Savior of the World musical theater production at the LDS Church’s Conference Center in Salt Lake City. (Read about it here.) It’s an experience they’ll always fondly remember.

We’re grateful for the many blessings and opportunities that are ours, and we give thanks to a loving Heavenly Father for the matchless gift of His son, Jesus Christ.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Pete and Vickey Codella family - August 2014


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