It ant necessarily so

One afternoon at the cabin Eliana and Dominic borrowed spoons from the kitchen to round up a few unsuspecting subjects for their ant collection.

Here they are collecting.

Little did Ellie know that her collection, housed in a used water bottle, would later be filled by Grandpa with drinking water (he didn’t see the ants in the bottle) and unknowingly drunk by her.

She said to me, “Dad, there are things floating in my water.” I told her it was most likely small food particles from what she was eating. Then later she realized that the bottle she was drinking out of was the same bottle she put her ants in. I think the few blades of grass floating in the bottle gave it away.

We don’t think she actually drank any of the ants, but they certainly all drowned. And Eliana learned to find a different container for her next ant collection.

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