Report from South Jordan

Today was the first baptism into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by a third generation Codella, at least one who’s a member of my dad’s family.

My brother’s oldest, Carter, officially joined the Church. We gathered in their home in South Jordan, Utah and enjoyed the day with all of their family, Melissa’s and Brian’s, who were able to attend.

When we headed for Utah I didn’t even consider that it may still be cold up here. I was in shorts, a t-shirt and sandals. Needless to say, once we got up here I was very cold and pretty much have been since.

We’re staying at Vickey’s parent’s place since my parents are at Brian’s home.

We toyed with the idea of purchasing a trampoline up here and hauling it to Henderson, but we just don’t have room in the van for it. Eventually we’ll get a new one to replace our one-year wonder.

The people at the trampoline store said the elastic 13’ trampolines were dubbed one-year wonders because everyone wondered if they’d even last one year. Sure enough, the elastics on our old trampoline barely survived one year of weather. This time we’re going with a spring trampoline.

Brian and Melissa must have fed about 50 people following Carter’s mid-day baptism. There was a lot going on and plenty of kids to play with. The only problem was that most of the kids were boys and Eliana felt left out of the mix. Of course, that serves her right since every time Carter and his brothers come to our home they feel slighted by the time Eliana gives to her girlfriends.

After an afternoon of just hanging around our whole family went out to pizza. It was yummy and fun even though Dominic managed to tumble right off his chair and land on his head on the cement floor. That kid . . . he’s the most accident prone little boy I know.

A few photos from today’s festivities . . .

Brian and Carter, just before Carter’s baptism:

Carter and Brian Codella

And here are the cousins:

AJ and Nick:

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