Sunday with Grandma and Grandpa Snow

This morning we attended church with Grandma and Grandpa Snow. The kids did pretty well going to their classes without us. Dominic was a little apprehensive, but he warmed up to the other kids in nursery and enjoyed playing.

In Elders Quorum the instructor brought up the idea of honoring your father and mother and asked for people’s input on how that was done. It’s really a good question. He mentioned how he thought it would be different for each person and that for some, they wouldn’t want to emulate the example of their parents.

My thoughts turned to my heavenly parents and what it would mean to honor them. Just something to consider . . .

When we returned from church, Dominic checked out Grandpa’s latest project: a trailer. He has been building it for the past year or so. Vickey went out and snapped a few photos of them.

I thought of my memories of my mom’s dad (because Dominic was with his mom’s dad). I was probably Eliana’s age when he passed away. I can remember his silver hair and playing around his Richfield homestead. It’s interesting to watch and experience the family generations.

For now, Eliana and Dominic have the benefit of two complete sets of loving grandparents. They’re fortunate. And we’re fortunate as parents to have the influence of good grandparents in our children’s lives.

Gordon mentioned as we left church that he was glad having and raising kids was left up to the younger generation. True enough, only I don’t feel too young anymore.

Kids are a lot of work; probably the most consuming thing I’ve ever done. Let’s just hope they can grow to understand what’s meant by the Savior’s admonition to honor your father and mother.

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