School starts and Pete moves into a new office

Eliana went back to school yesterday. She’s doing first grade again, this time with Ms. Heitkamp. Instead of being one of the youngest in her class, she’ll now be one of the oldest. It suits her.

Vickey took photos of the first day of school.

I relocated Codella Marketing last week to my good friend Steve Swan’s advertising agency. He moved his offices this summer to be just down the road from my former office location, so now I’m sub-letting from him.

It works out great because he takes care of the advertising and design side and I do the public relations, marketing and Web work. We’ve been working together for a while and I manage some interactive campaigns for some of his agency’s clients.

So, for now, Codella Marketing is located inside of Swan Advertising (read the press release about the move if you’d like).

Here are some photos of my new corporate digs.

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