Sleep falling without a binky

Perhaps it’s the fact that for his two-year birthday Dominic got a big boy bed and lost the privilege of sucking on a binky the same night. Or perhaps he was really ready to give it up. Whatever the reason, he hasn’t really missed the b-i-n-k-y (we have to spell it out so he doesn’t hear us use the word).

He did, however, engage in some sleep falling as he was trying out his new bed (for the definition of sleep falling, read at the bottom of my previous post). He fell twice the first night and once the second night. He hasn’t fallen since, though.

Lucky for Vickey she was in Chicago after the first night. I, on the other hand, was here tending to the two kiddies. Grandma Snow was a great help the first full day Vickey was gone. It was still me who tended to the crying Dominic curled up in a ball on the large cushion on the floor beside his bed though. He was all disoriented and upset that he wasn’t sleeping comfortably in his bed. He seems to have gotten the hang of it now.

Thanks for my cousin Lisa and our friend and neighbor Amber for their help with the kids the other two days Vickey was gone.

It was Eliana, though, who kept waking me for the next two nights Vickey was gone; once to get up and close her door and once to give her medicine for an upset stomach—her ailment du jour as of late. Of course I grumpily exclaimed that she could close her own door and didn’t budge. The next night I did get up and give her some Motrin or whatever I found quickly in the kids’ medicine cabinet when she wanted medicine. Yes, we are believers in drugging our kids.

We were happy to have Vickey back home late Wednesday night. The kids weren’t that happy the next morning after being up until after 10 p.m. on Wednesday though. Happily I was at work and Vickey got to endure Thursday’s kid madness.

Work has been hectic lately, hectic and frustrating at the same time. Work can be challenging. I guess that’s how you learn and grow professionally.

One thing after another has thrown a wrench in our spending plan this month. First the fridge thermostat gives up ($250 repair). Ever tried running a refrigerator in 115 degree weather without a thermostat? I wouldn’t recommend it. Then the Tundra starter gives out ($900 repair). And this morning, during Vickey’s deliciously tantalizing waffle cooking expedition the waffle maker dies (probably won’t be replaced any time soon).

So, despite our best efforts to maintain things and keep expenses to a minimum, it just doesn’t seem to be.

I fixed the kids’ toy chest last night using my air compressor and brad guns Vickey gave me for my birthday (thanks again, hon), along with other miscellaneous tools. The lid was falling apart after some roughhousing by some of the kids’ friends.

I launched a new site this week for a business networking and referral group I helped found. It’s Check it out if you’d like.

We have also made some improvements to the Codella Marketing site this past week.

So, life keeps moving along. We’re hot, and sometimes bothered, but life’s good.

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